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We all hear and observe that people are more worried about their reputation than their character. And we wonder why. But as Henry Ford once said, "Character is a tree, while reputation is the shadow of the same tree." This means that our reputation should be a reflection of our character and that the two are not supposed to be inseparable and should always align with each other.

Character or Reputation? Creating a Personal Brand
MK15000.00 / $10.00
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Normally we do not start an organisation only to close a year later. We strive to keep it a float and most of the time it is gauged by the financial resources. As much as we all agree that financial resources are a bloodline of any organisation, but it does not necessarily mean that having those finances we are sustainable. There are other factors that are equally important for sustainability to be achieved, such as an effective board of governors.

Sustainability in Local Non-Governmental Organisations
MK15000.00 / $10.00
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It has been said time without number that "the future is in our hands". However, this future will not come if our mindset is not ready to embrace this future with confidence and personal empowerment. It should also be noted that having a fixed mindset we are actually preventing those that would like to assist us not being able to do so.

Personal Development the Mindset Approach
MK15000.00 / $10.00
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In life, there are certain cardinal points that we need to have which are Direction, Principles and Reflection. These cardinal points are very important if we are to make it in life otherwise we stand to "mis-live" our lives thereby finding no purpose at all.

Triangle of Life
MK10000.00 / $9.00
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Leadership is something that it has to come from you as a Leader. This means that unless we are able to lead ourselves, it becomes next to impossible to get the best results from our Teams. Leading oneself means knowing what to do and at the right time and in the right amount. Identifying the best talents and at the same time unleashing the talent in others. At the end of the day we shall discover that even succession is not a headache.

Unleash the Leader in You - How to Lead Others by Leading Yourself
MK15000 / $10.00
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